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The Cut Buddy Template for Hair, Beard & Mustache – Haircut Lining / Shaping / Edging / Trim

The Cut Buddy Template for Hair, Beard & Mustache - Haircut Lining / Shaping / Edging / Trim

  • Flexible – The body of the product is flexible for adjusting to all hairlines
  • Strong – The plastic and rubber portions are fastened tightly and are durable
  • Light Weight – this product can be carried in your pocket or any travel bag
  • Size – Small enough to fit in your pocket or any small bag. Perfect for travelling or military.
  • Many Options – Many curves and angles on template for different sized heads and beards

The Cut Buddy is a patented maintenance edge up, line up, and shape up template for hairlines, beard, and moustache. This stencil in conjunction with hair clippers, disposable razors or a straight razor. It is the perfect tool to use between your barber visits. For the barber it is the perfect tool to use in conjunction with magic/liner pencils for beards and hairlines. The purpose of The Cut Buddy is to give males and females of all nationalities a crisp, clean and defined front / side hairline

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 14.95

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