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Grooming Lounge Best for Last Aftershave, 5 Ounce

Grooming Lounge Best for Last Aftershave, 5 Ounce

  • Uber-refreshing and soothing post shave balm calms down and revitalizes even the most sensitive skin
  • The antidote for annoying razor irritation
  • Non-greasy and sting-free

Every shave should have a happy ending. That’s why we created this soothing aftershave designed to calm and refresh even the most sensitive skin. Developed in our D.C. Barbershop, creamy solution is the antidote for annoying razor irritation, burn, bumps and more. Non-greasy and sting-free, Best For Last is the balm. What’s The Difference: Instantly extinguishes facial fires without any sting or nasty odors. Size: 5 oz. Skin Type: All Fragrance: Fragrance Free Key Ingredients: Olibanum (Calms &

List Price: $ 15.64

Price: $ 22.00

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